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SKU: 35088
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Joie Fresh Stretch Pod for Onions

Joie's Fresh Stretch Onion Pod is designed for storing cut onions in the refrigerator, keeping them fresh, firm, and containing their odor for longer periods of time. Made from LFGB-approved ABS and silicone, it is strong, durable, and economical, helping to reduce food waste, save money, and keep the fridge cleaner. The pod stores cut onions safely in the fridge, preserving their freshness and slowing down oxidation, and prevents their strong odors from permeating other foods. The stretch cover keeps air out, seals in freshness, and accommodates most onion sizes.


  • Organize and identify cut onions easily in a crowded fridge
  • Reusable and minimize plastic or foil use
  • Perfect for sustainable living and zero waste homes
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

How to Use:

Simply place cut onion, cut-side down, onto the colorful pod base. Place the stretch lid over, slide the pod halves together to seal, and stow in the fridge. To reopen, slide the pod halves in the opposite direction.

Great for other produce as well, the Fresh Stretch Onion Pod is a helpful addition to refrigerator accessories and food storage containers for onion enthusiasts. Decorative and useful, it brings more joy to the task of cooking, and makes clever gifts for any occasion. Compact to save precious space in refrigerator drawers or on shelves, it easily stows away in the kitchen gadget drawer when not in use. Made from BPA-free, LFGB-approved ABS and silicone, it's strong, durable, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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